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Dental Emergencies in 33193

When you have pain in your tooth, do you want to wait a few days until an appointment is available? We don’t think so. That’s why at Total Dental Family Care, our 33193 dentist is available promptly to address the most common emergency we see: toothaches.

For your purposes when it comes to achieving relief for your tooth, it could not matter less why you have the pain, but our 33193 dentist needs to know in order to take the appropriate approach to it. For example, you might need a new or replacement filling. Or perhaps a crown is the proper remedy. There are two other possible remedies. One is root canal therapy, required if the tooth has become infected inside. The other is the last resort of extracting the tooth; something that is avoided whenever possible. Losing your tooth creates a cosmetic deficiency in your smile. It also creates an opportunity for your other teeth to shift, thereby leading to discomfort or your jaws falling out of alignment with each other. The best way to avoid extraction is to seek out our 33193 dentist at the very first sign of a toothache. It’s important to realize that the vast majority of toothaches occur because of a breach in the tooth’s protective layers, resulting in the nerve inside being exposed. It makes sense that such exposure is not a good thing. So even if you have the impulse to “tough it out” regarding the pain, keep in mind that you’re doing no favors for the wellness of the tooth and the chances of keeping it.

Don’t feel shy or sheepish. A toothache is a genuine dental emergency, so contact us immediately so we can put you on our schedule at the earliest possible time. There is no reason to take unnecessary risks.

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